VP of Academy

Job description

VP of Academy

professional | academic - mba level | amsterdam | full-time | permanent contract |

Why this job will make you happy

oneUp is different. We exceed our customer's expectations and drive innovation to new levels.

oneUp builds awesome stuff for large companies with smart teams. Our method is called Startup Thinking, an integrated approach in building startups.

Following ideation with our customers, oneUp will validate and test it utilizing real customers. A system for continuous innovation force is created, utilizing the most adequate technologies.

Are you ready to give shape to future of startups?

Meet the people you will be working with

You will hire, train, coach and work with: the excited oneUp trainer(s), the powerful event coordinators, a punctual didactic expert, the subject experts (guest trainers) and oneUp leadership (partners) and other cell VP’s.

Your customers include oneUp cells (employees), Corporate Innovation Departments, Startups and Individuals and have strong collaborations with oneUp’s HR Office.


We get excited if you tell us that you

  • take fun and pride in facilitating knowledge collection, sharing, valorization and embedding this in oneUp’s culture

  • get energy from creating a cutting edge training center for Startup Thinking and adjacent methodologies

  • focus your entrepreneurial energy and experience on creating this cell from scratch

  • can create a strong, sustainable and impactful strategy followed by adequate and quality driven implementation

  • do valorization of internal frameworks to courses and/or coaching content

  • feel comfortable managing different disciplines and team members

  • have extensive experience with CPO/BMC/KPI’s/OKR’s

  • can keep within budget and find creative ways to extend, utilize and grow budget by offering external courses

  • can create content/curricula for Startup Thinking

  • design, develop and publish Academy workshops

  • position the Academy strongly internally and externally

  • manage partnerships with third parties easily (like with Nyenrode)

  • are flexible, a strong communicator, own the mentor role naturally and feel super comfortable having multiple responsibilities at the same time

Why we need each other

We believe we can make a difference in the world by providing guidance and inspiration for startups. Our Startup Thinking Foundation Cell will be an open source wiki of learnings, knowledge and mentors, encouraging startups to grow and make an impact. The Academy Cell will provide input for the STFC.

By collecting oneUp knowledge and skills and offering this through an open source channel, by paid courses and continuously growing oneUp’s knowledge baseline, we can enable profitable and sustainable startup growth, establishing oneUp as the Startup Thinking Thought leader in the market.

We need colleagues who feel strongly about sharing knowledge, feel comfortable in a startup to scaleup environment and can handle the multidisciplinary nature of this position. Are you ready to take charge?

You are still reading. We like You. Can we keep You?

Talk to us about your ideas and how you would start with this role. We can’t wait to meet you!