Full stack Developer

Job description

Why this job will make you happy

oneUp is different. We exceed our customer's expectations and drive innovation to new levels. oneUp has two key value propositions: Firstly, we build start-ups for large corporates. We do this through our unique method called Startup Thinking, an integrated approach to building start-ups. By blending Lean Startup and Design Thinking theory, we solve business problems through creative ideation and rigorous validation with real customers. From prototype to scale-up: we offer an end-to-end solution and execution.

Secondly, we help our clients with boosting their corporate innovation machine through our 9 Diamond Framework for innovation. The 9 Diamond Framework is a 360° toolset that takes care of the implementation, management, acceleration and accounting of the corporate radical and disruptive innovation responsibility.

As one of our full stack developers you are always on the lookout for better tools and processes. Want to introduce a new technology or tool? Cool, tell us what and why!

You work on technical challenges within real world application, together with other skilled developers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses you can learn from.

In close contact to the client you work on ‘MVP’ experiments and production scale code. It is up to you to advise our client, we are the experts!

You take part in code reviews and develop with a focus on adding value to the business and end user.

Of course you are also part of technical decisions (decisions are made as a team, for the team).

It doesn’t matter if you like front-end or back-end better, as long as you know your way around both.

Are you ready to shape the future of innovation?

What you’ll actually do

  • Frontend:

    • Implement bright and shiny designs into real functional app and websites

    • Have a good understanding of modern JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue) … and manage their state

  • Backend:

    • Build an API and setup a database so that the app can actually do some fun dynamic stuff

    • And if SQL doesn't cut it, add some NoSQL too

  • Ops:

    • Make your life easy, deploy automatically

    • When stuff goes bang, take a coffee (no sugar) and figure out what Heroku or AWS is doing


We get excited if you tell us that you

  • Have understanding of multiple programming languages and paradigms, able to quickly learn new ones

  • Have frontend capabilities for application interface (HTML/CSS3)

  • Like analytics: measure all the things! (validation is the foundation of our work)

  • Know your way around Javascript (Typescript would be even better) and Node.js

  • Are experienced with JavaScript frameworks like Meteor, React-Native and/or Angular

  • Know some databases; NoSQL, DHT, MongoDB, Key-value stores

  • Are familiar with Networking patterns: message queues, pubsub, API design & usage; REST + JSON

  • Know the difference between a monolith and microservices, and the pros and cons of both

  • Live in the Netherlands; are fluent in English (& pref Dutch)

  • Love the energy and fast pace of a startup to scaleup environment

  • Work agile and iteratively

Why we need each other

oneUp is growing rapidly. As one of our Full stack Developers you will be holding a key position within our company. You want to exceed and take your experience to the next level. At oneUp we all (UX/UI designers, growth hackers, front- and back-end developers) work together to make a difference and drive oneUp to grow.

Your strong attention to detail, curiosity and value adding insights help to realize our goals. You are eager, can manage the diverse responsibilities and take pride and joy in delivering result. Personal development and contributing to a growing scale-up are equally important to you. Are you curious?

You are still reading. We like You. Can we keep You?

oneUp offers you a competitive salary based on your experience. Next to that you can expect an inspirational environment, awesome colleagues, an iPhone and Macbook, study budget, in-house lunches by a chef, access to the oneUp Academy, 22 holidays and a NS-business card or travel reimbursement. Come and meet us!